Am impressed with the commitment and determination of the students

I find it a great honour to be part ofKolanya Boys High School in the capacityof school principal. Having been around for the past few months, I find it a very conducive place for learners to developand become the best in Kenya and beyond.Our vision is to see Kolanya Boys Highschool grow to be come a model extraCounty school in character formation, academicexcellence and talent development.We have the capacity and determination toachieve this dream.Personally, I’m impressed with the commitmentand determination of the students.This was demonstrated in the recent fireincident that consumed two of our dormitoriesthat is Amboseli and Drakensberg.Despite one hundred and seventy (170)students loosing virtually every personalitem, they resolved to remain in school andcontinue learning.It is indeed encouraging to see the commitmentdisplayed by teachers despite theheavy work load. I wish to most sincerelyexpress my gratitude to all the teachingstaff.My appreciation also go to the non-teachingwho have shown a lot of commitement inensuring that their respective areas of jurisdictionare well attended to.Finally, am indebted so much to thank allBoard of Management and PTA membersand all other stakeholders and supportersled by our MP Teso North Hon. Oku Kaunya,Our sponsors, the Salvation Army church,Ministry of Education, TSC, NG-CDF (TesoNorth) and many others who have supportedgraciously the efforts to make Kolanya agreater school in this region.Allow me to end by thanking all parentswho saw it good to give us their boys forfour years. Success in not far for the chosenfew but for the few who choose. let us remain focused and God fearing and at theend we shall emerge victorious.Thank you all and may God bless you!

My vision is to see
the school take
an upward leep
to start competing
with national

My vision is to see the school take an upward leep to start competing with national schools.




School Anthem Knowledge is power our motto and we believe Make it real that hardwork pays Breeds success We will rise We will sing We …

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