The department of humanities housesthree cardinal disciplines notably Historyand Government, Geography and CRE.These are very crucial subjects enhancingand determining the school mean. TheHOD is assisted in running the departmentby the heads of subjects who havethe responsibility of monitoring academicperformance of their subjects and offeringleadership.The following are the heads of subjects:

1. Mr Sindani Joshua-Geography

2. Mr Moseti Gordan-CRE

3. Mr Murumba Ezekiel

The department has 13 highly qualified,motivated and focused subject specialistswho are at the center of manufacturinggrades.The school magazine comes aproposwhen he department has assessed andexplored ways of harnessing the bestgrades from 2018 KCSE candidates.Teacher specialization in the delivery oflearning experiences has been embracedwith a view of improving scores.The department has partnered with otherschools with intentions of improving performanceand building confidence in ourlearners through exposure to joint exams.We have partnered with SA Kolanya Girlsamong other schools.We have on the same breath embracedlearner-centered teaching and delivery pedagogy discussion, peer teaching among others.

In light of the above, the department has an ambitious plan on timely and quality completion of the syllabus as a recipe to quality grades.

The department posted the following scores in 2017

• Geography 5.79

• History 7.243

• CRE 5.42

It should be noted that History and CRE registered negative deviation in their KCSE performance but on positive side measures has been put in place to revamp performance in History and CRE not limited to humanity nights, subject specialization and expeditious syllabus coverage.

The following are the anticipated targets for the candidates 2018

• Geography 6.0

• History 7.5

• CRE 7.0

The department is optimistic that it will meet the above targets and even surpass based on the well-tailored and coordinated strategy within the department.

All students are therefore encouraged to acquire content by reading the course books.



Gordan Moseti Ondiek



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