Deputy Principal Administration’s Message


My appointment as deputyprincipal to S.A KolanyaBoys High School one andhalf years ago, opened anopportunity for me to be part of a team totransform a generation of boys endowedwith enormous potential to be useful menof substance fit to handle the challengesof the 21st century. I am proud to be associatedwith S.A. Kolanya boys high schoolwhose tenets are grounded on strongChristian values founded by the SalvationArmy church. My recent appointment asdeputy principal in charge of administrationhas opened yet another windowfor greater efficiency in discharging myduties. My new assignments include, butnot limited to, preparation of duty roster,supervision of prefect’s affairs and boardingactivities, signing out students, routineresponsibilities, student discipline amongother duties that complement those ofthe deputy principal in charge of curriculumimplementation.Cognizance of my role to manage studentbehavior and create a safe, productive,orderly and successful learning environmentI have worked closely with otherstakeholders within the school, such asclass teachers ,members of the boardingdepartment , guiding and counselingdepartment, academic department andthe prefects body. As a team we have createdand maintained a positive workingculture and encouraged each other tofocus on academic excellence while promotinghigh levels of morale. This positionserves as a link between the school, schoolcommunity, the administration and thenon-teaching staff. As an intermediary,I also serve to link the principal and theother members of teaching staff to focuson a common goal.To my students, I wish to remind themthat self-discipline is the key to greatness.It is the magic quality that opensdoors and makes everything else possible.With self-discipline, the average personcan rise as far and as fast as his talents andintelligence can take him. Without selfdisciplinea person with every blessing ofbackground, education, and opportunitywill seldom rise above mediocrity. Lackof discipline is the major cause of failure,frustration, underachievement andunhappiness in life. It causes us to makeexcuses and sell ourselves short.I pray to the almighty to give us the zeal toinspire and guide our students to achievetheir dreams.GOD BLESS KOLANYA BOYS HIGH SCHOOL

Form One Class Profile

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