Journalism Club


I take this time to thank the Almighty Father for His protection. I say thanks to the members of the club for the support they have given the club especially in the production of the school magazine. It was our set of minds for the past whole year and we must admit that it eventually intriguingly to come to such success. The magazine provides aninsight into major activities that have made this great institution a giant both academicand co-curricular activities. It entails some of the school artefacts that are part of the rich history of the school My salutation goes to all these who tirelessly contributed to make this magazine.Captivating, interesting, thrilling and educative.I really thank our supportive patron MrJohn Wandera for his inspiration and all thesupport that he gave to the club.. Without leaving the school managementbehind, especially the principal Mr CharlesGichohi who has facilitated the production of this publication. I hope that the magazine will be a source of insight into the institution’srich activities and be entertaining atthe same time. I would like to appreciate the following;

1. Ass chair- Jude Otukanya Sang’alo

2. Organising sec- Abdul Nassir

3. Secretary-Maurice

4. Editor- Asman Jaafa

5. Treasurer- Raham Ndiwa

We wish to acknowledge each and everyonefor their contribution towards the success of this year’s magazine now inits 3rd edition. From the contributiondone by the school BOM, PTA, the school administrationthrough our beloved principal Mr. Charles Gichohi,DPCI, DPA staff and the enormous articles written bythe students.The editor also wishes to extend his gratitude to the school journalism club who besides their written articles, compiled and edited the student’s work. We wish to encourage those whose articles did not feature in this edition to keep writing to us and hope that in our future editions, they will find spaces to air their views through our publication.

To those whose articles featured,once again thank you for finding it prudent to express your views and concerns through this school vessel under our stewardship and let’s keep the entire Kolanya fraternity informed through our annual editions.

Enjoy the reading!

Mr. Wandera, Editor in Chief



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