Message From the B.O.M Chairman

I feel greatly honoured to stand before you today on this day of our AGM. I feelespecially elevated because of a numberof development that have taken place inthis institution from the time i took overthis mandate of chairman in 2015.My first duty upon assumption of thismonumental task was to streamline thesystem that i inherited that had a numberof challenges. With time, i am virtuallystreamlining the stereotype that was inplace at the time of take over.The harmony that i have helped midwifesince the takeover has helped the school.We have had an increase in school enrolmentand reduction in BOM teacher turover. This in essence has led to moreconsistence in the curriculum roll-out. Thestaff is under my stewardship more cohesivethan ever before. The non-teachingstaff has also improved its commitment toduty with minimal cases of deviance anderratic behavior.The relationship between the school andthe community has not been left behindeither. During the dry spell, the schoolallowed the locals to fetch water from theschool borehole while the drought lasted.The community members have helpedenhance school discipline through reportingnotorious students to the managementand I urge them to continue.I have, with the assistance of other stakeholderstried the best I can to improve thestudent-teacher ratio as measure to boostcontact and efficiency in curriculum rollout.On this account, I wish to mention ina special way Mr Albert Ekirapa, a formerprincipal of this school and now a TSCcommissioner for his passion and readinessto make Kolanya Boy’s aHigh schoola school of choice in the very near future.Early this year, i midwifed a transition inthe change of leadership of Mr IbrahimNakhanya Wafula from this school toNyansiongo High in Nyamira and the comingof Mr Charles Gichohi.Parents, be assured that the school isin good hands and programmes are oncourse and we are destined for greatthings. Additionally, in spite of the recentinferno in which the school lost dormitoriesand alot of student property, we havepicked the pieces and are forging on well.In the same vein, I wish to thank all theinstitutions, organizations, individualsand well-wishers for their benevolenceand helped us attain near-normal stabilityafter the fire incident. I say a big thankyou. Of special mention are; Equity BankMalaba branch, Commissioner Ekirapa,Heads Association Teso North sub-county,The Salvation Army Church(sponsors)our dear neighbors Kolanya Girls NationalSchool Just but to mention a few. Shouldyou not have been mentioned, take it thatwe can’t manage it considering the timeconstraints. Kindly feel appreciated andgreatly valued.As I conclude, we as an institution cannotpretend about the economic realities ofthe present times. I want to most sincerelythank those parents who have supportedthe school through timely school feespayment and completion of instalment.In the same vein, i urge those who havenot been up to date to try and improvenotwithstanding the current economiccircumstances.For our teachers on BOM and the nonteachingstaff, I want to thank you mostsincerely even as we optimistically lookforward to an improvement in your welfarein terms of renumeration. Do not feelforgotten.As I finish, I wish to once again thank youfor turning up in this large numbers andassure all of us one thing; THERE IS ROOMFOR IMPROVEMENT FOR ALL OF US INTHIS KOLNYA FRATERNITY AND WE SHALLINDEED IMPROVEUNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL

Message From the P.T.A Chairman

Hello to all parents Kolanya Boys, teachers, support staff and students. Onbehalf of parents, i remain grateful for every effort being made.The team wishes to register our support in the great improvement being sought out by all players in the school. It remains our hope that God keeps us in good health and we sustain our focus on the rebirth of Kolanya boys.History has it that we at one point were the school to watch. However, this changedsomewhere due to various challenges that befell the school. We all desire to see thevery best thing associated with Kolanya. Therefore, I urge every stakeholder to ensureyou are doing your part in the right manner and at the right time.I challenge fellow parents to improve in remitting or paying their school fees at the beginning of every term to ensure the smooth running at the school. This will enablethe principal and his team are able to work without any destruction. Thank you all.



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