Incoming school captain

Ben Kuloba

I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for proving to me that every dream is valid and no matter what leadership come with challenges but with God I know that I am equal to the task. My comrades and I are going to work our fingers to the bone to make sure that Kolanya regains its lost glory.

I would like to thank our school principal who is caring for the students; he has brought changes to our school and ensuring that our candidates are going to pass highly.

Winners are not those people who never fail but winners are those people who never quit; we are not going to give up any more instead we are going to make it, thank you and God bless you.

Deputy school administration
Bruce Namachanja

Incoming Deputy school captain administration

Bruce Namachanja

 I take this golden opportunity to thank almighty for the far he has brought us. I would also like to return my sincere gratitude to the school administration having chosen me to lead over 1000 students. My greatest concern is to ensure that all students give in tremendous efforts in academics. My appeal to my fellow students is to stick to what is write always and always maintain discipline.

I finally want to encourage all students to work towards a successful destiny. Life is an echo; it brings back what you feed it with. Why can’t you feed it with hard work?

Incoming Deputy school captain Academics

Njoroge Lukas

 Got a lot to do with and if it were to be recorded, thousands of published volumes of books could have been used. Educations can not only prepare you pass exams but also prepare you for the future life. We therefore stand firm a school in order to dilate our way to success. “pray and work” motto has given us ample time to work in order to succeed in future. As a school we have set a mean score of 9.5 for the forthcoming national examinations and we are planning to exceed that. We are young and energetic boys who can do wonders in life. We intend to be at the top and become grate men in the near future.

Entertainment prefect

Denis and Morgan

As far as our main agenda in Kolanya model school is academic excellence,we also have assumptions entertainment time on Saturdays.The administration is planning to purchase other new systems including ensuring that the music centre is computerized. Student find time on Saturdays to dance, listen to music and watch relevant movies after hectic weekdays of studies.


AFFAIR Emmanuel Senior Kongoti

The department of religious affairs of Kolanya wishes to extend its gratitude to the almighty for what He has been able to do. This department has tirelessly to ensure that there is a conducive environment for worshiping God We ensure that the whole schools is spiritually strong and work hand in hand with school’s administration to ensure that this is successful.

Farewell to our colleagues who have just completed their work in the office. These include Ezekiel Ouma and Mwasame Isaack.

Incoming school captain Boarding

Onyango Marvin

I Take this time to thank the almighty God and the school administration for giving me an opportunity to exercise authority over my colleagues. I would also like to express my gratitude to my fellow students for accepting me their leader. I will work hard to deliver quality services to my fellow students and make wise decisions that will be accepted by all students.


Delegates are pivotal guy’s institutions as they bridge students to teacher. I hereby thank the DP administration and DP academic for their support in prefect’s discipline. During 2018/18 tenure, which has been administrative season in Kolanya Model school. Big ups to all delegates for making Kolanya a real model school. The art of responsibility is acquired through practice as a driving force to my fellow prefects as they believe that school leadership lays foundation to feature political careers as they spearhead well-being’s of 1096 of Kolanya Students.

As students, we need to discover our true North and incorporate the culture of planning in our environment and adopt self-drive to achieve success which is like a pyramid. There is high competition at the bottom and little at the top as we are the only extra country which is a national in Kenya. As it said that even a short man can cast long shadows, then age is not the limiting factor on how grate you can be, so we need to go out and reach for our greatness. Don’t be discouraged by negative forces for you have nothing to die for, nothing to live for. In a nutshell, as a leader, you lead yourself with your head and others your heart. Aspire to inspire different generation in a limited time before you expire. Pray and work to achieve your desire 


Omosa Polycarp Hanic - 4Y

I would like to thank God for the free gift of life He has granted to us. Also, praise be to the Administration of Kolanya for the support they gave me to ensure that there is smooth running in the school. I say bravo to students for the cooperation they offered in terms of discipline and respect in all their doing. Let all strive to excel as Churchill Winston said your existence is the evidence that the generation is looking for something that your life contains. And the thing is success whose secret is always hard work. Keep up the same spirit and God Bless Kolanya.


Odongo Brian - 4B

Bridging students to teachers in Kolanya is one great thing to thank God for. It is Godly planned chance an open opportunity.

Kolanya has generally made a very great and notably step both in academics and cocurricular. Sincere appreciation be to

those who supported me and the prefectural body 2017-2018 towards success. Indeed we are leaving great marks and

have laid a foundation to be used to transform Kolanya into a model school, a school to produce results that will be too high to be

accommodated by the county and will soon be on the academic maps.


Ondoro Moses Meshack- 3W

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