Boarding Department


The Boarding Department is oneof the key departments in boarding schools. It is a department that provides services to the school community such as teachers, students,non-teaching staff.The department is ably run by the following personnel:

1. Mr Moita Wafubwa-HOD(Boarding)

2. Mr Kitui Arnold-Ass HOD

3. Mr Okedi Patrick-Ass HOD

4. Mr Sindani Joshua-Aberdares

5. Mr Natembeya Benjamin-Aberdares

6. Mr Waswa Pius-Amboseli

7. Mrs Imoh Beatrice-Amboseli

8. Mr Kudian Joel-A Hall

9. MS Karren Karani-A Hall

10. Mr Mulwoni Rogers-Atlas

11. Mr Masiolo Philip-Atlas

12. Mr Murumba Ezekiel-Drankensberg

13. Mr Olumasi Stephen-Drankensberg

14. Mrs Nalianya Elesi-Elgon

15. Mr Olaktar Chrispinus-Elgon

16. Mr Ndemo George-Kenya

17. Mrs Machabe Emily-Kenya

18. Mrs Machio Josephine-Kilimambogo

19. Mr.Kibiwott Samson-Kilimambogo

Under the student leadership, the department is run by a senior boarding captain and an assistant boarding captain. At the house level, each of the 12 dorms is under the stewardship of a senior dorm captain.

In total, 26 prefects are directly in charge of the department. Other prefect leaders also lend auxiliary services to the department such as sanitation, environmental health. As a department, we strive to make the department a home away from home to students. Other teachers assist us in running the department namely MOD’s who are usually in charge of inspection on Saturday morning. We offer guidance and counselling services to the students in areas such as need to maintain high hygiene standards, brotherhood (spiritual guidance), co-existence, need to respect others and their property among others.

We have a population of about 1200 students,we intend to admit more, if the new ultramodern hostel becomes operational. We shall also need more classes.  

 Motto: In God we trust



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