The Library


Kolanya Boys High School has a robust and dynamic library that is vital to the academic life of the student. The library provides an environment for discovery,expansion of knowledge among students,teachers and other members of the Kolanya fraternity who wish to improve their intellectual health.The library is run by;

1. Rogers S. Mulwoni- HOD

2. Saul Ekirapa-Staff

3. Winnie Wambulwa-Staff

Currently, the student to book ratio stands at 1:1 in some subjects and 1:2 in others.However, we look forward to achieving aratio of 1:1 in all the subjects especially with the continued supply of textbooks from the ministry of education.We wish to encourage our students to spend more of their time in the library to utilize the many resource materials available there for their own academic well being and general knowledge.



School Anthem Knowledge is power our motto and we believe Make it real that hardwork pays Breeds success We will rise We will sing We …

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