Guidance and counselling is mainly concerned with programs geared towards counselling of students. At personal level, and at group level conducted on Thursdays. Teachers and guest speakers are programmed for the sessions.Members:

1. Wycliff Simiyu-HOD

2. Milka Opunga-Secretary

3. Mr Wandera John- Careers

4. Innocent Lusweti

5. Joan Ikaal6. Josephine Ayeleo

7. Beatrice Immo

The department also conducts orientation ofprograms for the form one parents. Lat but notleast, the department also intervenes wheneverthere is a student-teacher problem or parentchild problem.

Form One Class Profile

FORM ONE GREEN Class teachr: LIMO Class driver: Samdo Class Motto: Like eagles we soar Best Teacher: Limo Best food: Wali Nyalo Best subject: …

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